Situation Awareness

Prerequisites: This class is designed for females over 13 years old

Course Description: In this empowerment-based course, students will learn how to increase self-confidence, develop personal awareness to recognize and address a potentially dangerous situation. Students will be taught to identify potential threats, boundary setting skills, and de-escalation techniques using real life scenarios. Defense strategies using non-lethal methods will be examined, and practices including methods to loosen and escape from various holds and grabs, defensive strikes, and pepper spray. Legal issues regarding the use of other available options will be discussed.


  • Hands on instruction with certified instructors
  • Lunch provided at full day classes

Attire: Dress comfortably and wear tennis shoes as you will be doing physical activity

Size of Class: Maximum of 10 students

Session Length: This is a full day class or one broken into segments over several days.

Cost: $125 per student


Classes are offered as needed to accommodate a group’s schedule.  Contact us to set up a time that is convenient for you.