Simulator Training Courses

Prerequisites: None

Course Description: A simulator is a great way to learn both new shooter basics and advanced maneuvers that are practical to real world, but difficult to practice on most ranges. Live fire ranges do not allow participants to practice these techniques and dry fire does not give someone feedback on accuracy or speed. If someone is in a situation that required them to defend themselves, it is essential that they are prepared and have practiced. A simulator is a safe and cost-effective method to do this.

Examples of Simulator Training Offered:

  • Holster Training – Train to safely and efficiently remove a firearm from a holster to shoot a target that is directly in front of them
  • Reaction Training – Build on prior skills by learning to move offline from a threat and shoot to stop a threat that is either to the side, behind or walking towards you
  • Positional Training – Learn techniques of shooting from behind cover, while kneeling, sitting, or laying down
  • Speed Training – Competitive shooters can work and speed and accuracy
  • Scenario Training – A variety of scenarios can be set up based of the trainers request (i.e. church security, MCOLES, IDPA or USPSA stages, etc)

Session Length: Each session is 1 hour

Cost: $30 per session for 1 person, $10 extra for each additional person training at the same time.

Non-Instructional Sim Practice – $20/hr. for 1 person, $10 extra for each additional person training at same time.

Please review our Rescheduling, Cancellation & Refund policy prior to registering

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