Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT)

Course Description:  This class combines lectures and scenario-based exercises to empower individuals to participate in their own survival using proactive response plans in the face of violence. When violence occurs, seconds count, and you can’t always wait for EMS to arrive. AVERT enables you to become an immediate responder by giving you the tools to prepare for potential violence and react quickly in life-threatening situations. This training will address the following topics:

  • Recognize warning signs using situational awareness
  • How to safely evacuate the business
  • How to respond if an active shooter is in or near your business
  • Decide whether to Escape, Evade or Attack
  • Apply critical bleeding control techniques
  • Respond quickly and confidently in an emergency
  • Develop an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Responding when law enforcement arrives on the scene


  • Hands on instruction with a certified AVERT instructor with a military background
  • All equipment provided

Size of Class: maximum of 20 students

Session Length: 3 hours

Cost: Up to 20 students $300 per session


According to FBI data, more than half of all active shooter incidents occurred in the workplace from 2018-2019.